‪The choice between pest and cholera? Really, ... is there any way to play without a mandatory connection to or ? 🤔‬

Microsoft releases Store-preview version of new Windows Terminal

The Windows Terminal, the successor of our beloved Comand Prompt, was announced at Microsofts Build some weeks ago: "One terminal for everything"!


Four years ago I visited the historical site of for the first time. Memories remain and especially today they’re more vivid than ever. Hoping to return soon to magical .

Faszinierend. „Glücklicher Tag“ klingt, als kriegt man gerade Post von 🤣 !

Firefox Zero-Day-Exploit fixed in 67.0.3

Making software is a vital process. Even with lots of bug testing, beta-stages and so on it may always happen that errors occur after the product's launch.


Schade, . Kein Triple in diesem Jahr, aber mit einem harten Kampf (und zwei verletzten Stars) in den Finals ehrenvoll abgetreten 😢. Goodbye, ! Congratulations, !


"Digimortal" was a record by US-group FEAR FACTORY and continued where "Obsolete" left off. Conceptually, the record contains a futuristic story about man and machine merging into one.

The surviving humans and the machines realize they have to depend on each other if they are going to continue on.

The title of the album is actually short for "Digital Mortality" - and so this Mastodon-instance remembers of this mutual dependence between mankind and machines that is more current than ever nowadays!